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We will gladly cater your next event or meeting. Choose from Corporate Lunch Packages or Party Favorites.

Please allow 4 hours advanced notice for all corporate catering and 24 hours advanced notice for Party Favorites. Of course, if its a rush, we'll try to accommodate.


Corporate Catering

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Party Favorites

Item                          Half Tray               Full Tray

                                  Serves 8-10          Serves 16-20


Green Salad                21.00                     38.00

Chef Salad                  23.00                     45.00

Avocado Salad            23.00                      45.00

Hot Entrees

Lasagne                      45.00                     80.00

Baked Ziti                   40.00                     75.00

Eggplant Parmigian      45.00                     80.00

Fettucine Alfredo          35.00                    65.00

Linguini Marinara          35.00                    65.00

Macaroni and Cheese    40.00                    75.00

Garlic Bread                 21.00                    38.00

Mexican Specialties

Mini Chimichanga and Taquito Platter (25)   60.00

Burrito Platter                                            75.00

Taco Platter                                               60.00

Taco Bar (20 person minimum)                    4.00 pp

You Might Need these Items too:

Beverages                                                  2.00 pp

Chafers with Sternos                                  15.00 ea

Paper Goods                                                2.00 pp

Call us to Order 323-653-2896.

Orders must be placed by 4pm the day before.

Delivery Available.